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Day Maxi Calc is a super sized calculator for the Windows desktop, small in file size but big in appearance, with huge buttons and a wide display, with saving and printing options.

No more tiny buttons and narrow displays, from now on with Day Maxi Calc you can comfortably make your calculations, and even save and stamp your results, while sitting up to two or three metres away from your computer, using a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

Day Maxi Calc is a portable and freeware calculator software, a super-sized calculator with big buttons and a wide display, it incorporates all of your most common calculating functions, and also simulates the classic roll of paper (scroll tape). Your calculations will be stored in a sizable scrolling list. There is even an option available to save your results as a text file or send them to the printer.

With Day Maxi Calc you can save your time: all the functions are in a unique interface (no MenuBar), numbers can be entered via the keyboard or numeric keypad, double zero and triple zero keys. It includes other features such as square root, percent, reciprocal, reverse sign, clear entry, backspace and a large display for memory manager (up to 15 digits), but memory manager extraordinarily does not interfere with the clipboard content.

Day Maxi Calc is a freeware, simple, easy to use and easy to read portable application that allows quick and easy calculations, so the installation is not required, and can be stored and run from a floppy disk or usb pen drive (or other portable device). It is also a light application, therefore it takes only a few bytes and can run on old PC. This calculator software will ease your work, and will be extremely useful for the accountant, the student and the family. It is entirely free of charge!

OS Support:

Windows 95 98 ME 2000 2003 NT XP VISTA and Windows 7.

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