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Graffialism [from Greek graphòs, writing, and Latin alma, soul – but also
referring to Italian graffiare, to scratch something away] was first used in 2009, on the occasion of the first personal exposition of Italian painter Antonella Magliozzi, in Gaeta (Italy), at the Museo Diocesano.

Graffialism, founded in Italy in the first decade of the 21st century, followed the tradition of Informal Abstractism (Pollock, Riopelle and Hartung). The creative act flows freely and expresses its inner explosive power, in a sharp contrast to modern society, its utilitarianism and its materialism: the idea of “scratching away” evil, corruption, immorality and injustice, bringing
beauty back to the surface.

It is an artistic movement and an aesthetic philosophy that aims for the analysis and critique of moral and ethic issues of contemporary society by emphasizing common sense, worship of nature, tolerance and respect towards the others, values as love, friendship, trust, philanthropy.

XXI century man would therefore be naturally led to be responsible and active in the global system, the whole mankind should feel involved in the harmonious dance of Life, with no exception: purity and awe should lead man in his journey in the marvellous spectacle of the World and, therefore, the pre-existing metaphysical harmony be preserved so that Man might really participate to the Whole around Him, abandoning any selfish attitudes.

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